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feel rabaabee baladh pakhaavaj kooaa thaal bajaavai

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Aasaa on Ang 477

feel rabaabee baladh pakhaavaj kooaa thaal bajaavai
The elephant is the guitar player, the ox is the drummer, and the crow plays the cymbals.
pehir cholanaa gadhehaa naachai bhaisaa bhagath karaavai 1
Putting on the skirt, the donkey dances around, and the water buffalo performs devotional worship. 1
raajaa raam kakareeaa barae pakaaeae
The Lord, the King, has cooked the cakes of ice,
kinai boojhanehaarai khaaeae 1 rehaao
but only the rare man of understanding eats them. 1Pause
bait(h) si(n)gh ghar paan lagaavai ghees galourae liaavai
Sitting in his den, the lion prepares the betel leaves, and the muskrat brings the betel nuts.
ghar ghar musaree ma(n)gal gaavehi kashhooaa sa(n)kh bajaavai 2
Going from house to house, the mouse sings the songs of joy, and the turtle blows on the conch-shell. 2
ba(n)s ko pooth beeaahan chaliaa sueinae ma(n)ddap shhaaeae
The son of the sterile woman goes to get married, and the golden canopy is spread out for him.
roop ka(n)niaa su(n)dhar baedhhee sasai si(n)gh gun gaaeae 3
He marries a beautiful and enticing young woman; the rabbit and the lion sing their praises. 3
kehath kabeer sunahu rae sa(n)thahu keettee parabath khaaeiaa
Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints - the ant has eaten the mountain.
kashhooaa kehai a(n)gaar bh loro lookee sabadh sunaaeiaa 46
The turtle says, ""I need a burning coal, also."" Listen to this mystery of the Shabad. 46

Bhagat Kabir Ji in this shabad is doing a comparison of his spiritual state - Past Vs Present.
He gives some extreme examples to show the difference of his spiritual state.
His elephant like mann (mind) is now playing Rabab (a musical instrument like Guitar), his oxen like mann has become pakhavaj i.e. one that plays tabla and his crow like mind is also playing drum like instrument.
Elephant is known for being full of ego and kaam, Oxen is known for being lazy and crow is known for being selfish and greedy. Bhagat jee says that his Mind with these bad qualities now sings praises of Waheguru.
His lion like mann that was dangerous and violent has now become a servant serving others (serving paan etc). His tortoise like mann that used to be scared of going out (in satsangat) has now lost fear and is preaching others in Satsangat. Same way other examples are given to prove how his mann has elevated from a very low condition to a high spiritual state.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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