Thursday, April 20, 2006

Definition of Gursikh and Chardeekala

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

There are a few words which are overused today by a lot of Sikhs who don't even know what they really mean. Words like Gursikh and Chardeekala.

Mirza Mugammad Harisi, an eye witness to the parade and execution of Amar Shaheed Baba Banda Singh Bahadhur Ji and the other brave sons and daughters of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj defines these two words perfectly:

On this day I had gone to see the tamasha (spectacle) as far as the Mandavi-I-Namak (Salt market) and had thence accompanied the procession to the Qilah-I-Mubarik(Imperial Fort). There was hardly any one in the city who had not come out to see the tamasha or to enjoy the show of the extirpation of the accused ones (Sikhs). Such a crowd in the bazaars and lanes had been rarely seen. And the Musalman could not contain themselves for joy.

But those unfortunate Sikhs, who had been reduced to this last extremity, were quite happy and contented with their fate; not the slightest sign of dejection or humility was seen on their faces. In fact, most of them, as they passed along on their camels, seemed happy and cheerful, joyfully singing the sacred hymns of their Scripture.

And, if any one from amongst those in the lanes and bazaars called out to them that their own excesses had reduced them to that condition, they quickly retorted saying that it had been willed by the Almighty and that their capture and misfortune was in accordance with His Will.

And, if any one said, “Now you will be killed,” they shouted, “Kill us. When were we afraid of death? Had we been afraid of it, how could we have fought so many battles with you? It was merely through starvation and for want of food that we fell into your hands, otherwise you know already what deeds we are capable of.

Mirza Muhammad Harisi – Ibrat Nama

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Otpreka Singh said...

Waheguru. Veerji, this has been on my mind for awhile now to. The words Gursikh and Chardikala are misused by many youth these days.

Anonymous said...

wat a post!!!!!

very true about the use of gursikh these days. One just has to read sidh gost to see how great a true Gursikh is

sikhi said...

amazing, thank u so much mr singhh

otpreka singh i like ur blog alotttttttttttttt!! 4 ur nxtpost y dnt u do it on words misused by soikhs?

Singhstah said...

vaheguroo dhan guroo dhan guroo pyyaare