Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bleeding Punjab

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Immortal Productions - Punjab
Atrocities perpertrated on the Sikhs:
Dear Rastrapati ji, We are giving below the methods of torture, humiliation and atrocities used by your stateagainst the Sikhs. These have been mentioned by the humanitarian organizations andindividuals who hold prestige in their respective fields. These organizations and individualsare not seen directly or emotionally connected with our movement. They have been forcedto write about the extreme violations of human rights of our people. We wish you to knowand witness the continuous repression and atrocities perpetrated against the Sikhs by yourarmy, paramilitary forces and the police. We are not presenting all this to you to win yoursympathy, nor do we wish you repent by taking pity on us. In fact by situating you in thispicture we want to have the verdict of the people of the world over the extent you haveviolated the UNO's Declaration on Human Rights, the Geneva Convention, and manyother international treaties. We are mentioning below the violations and atrocities:
  • To interrogate the Sikhs, a round log of wood is placed on their legs, and afterputting heavy weight on the log it is rotated on the legs.
  • Chilli powder is sprinkled in the eyes and sex organs of the Sikhs. Sikhs are hung upside down from the ceilings till they became unconscious.
  • The body joints are battered.
  • Electric shocks are administered to the genitals making most of the youth impotent.
  • Sikh women, during interrogation, are hurt in their sex organs. Filthy abuse is howered on them.
  • Violence is inflicted on the parents in presence of their sons and daughters andvice-versa.
  • Brothers are forced to beat sisters and vice versa. Violence is inflicted on adult girlsafter stripping them naked and their sex organs are damaged. They are sexually assaulted, pregnancies are terminated of the expectant females.
  • Crotchets are pulled apart.
  • The victims of inhuman violence are made to sit naked in winter, and under the sunin summer, kept sleepless for days in solitary cells.
  • Sikhs are subjected to severe beatings and filthy abuse in the presence of their village folks.
  • Dead bodies of Sikhs killed in fake encounters are not handed over to their parents to conceal marks of excessive violence.
  • The state manipulates tailored post mortem reports from the doctors, and burns the dead bodies of the Sikhs after falsely declaring them unclaimed.
  • All sorts of excesses are made on the parents of underground Sikh youths.
  • Indiscriminant atrocities are committed on the parents of the underground youth ofthe area where some militant action takes place.
  • Atrocities are committed without caring for one's age, health, life or death. If someone luckily survives such brutal excesses, it is well and good But if one dies while under "interrogation", then such a dead body is taken out, pierced with somebullets, and a news item is sent that a dreaded terrorist has been shot dead in an encounter.
  • Houses of underground Sikh youths are demolished, their belongings are looted,crops destroyed, their tube well motors are taken away, and they are prevented from sowing crops.
  • Even animals of the families of underground Sikh youth are subjected to police anger. After summoning the families to the police station, villagers are told not to take care of the animals of the families of the underground youth. Generally the animals starve to death.
  • False cases are registered against innocent sikh youths, later they are let off taking fat bribes.
  • Reporters giving true reports are arrested, an undeclared censorship is imposed on them to stop them from exposing police atrocities. Peaceful protests by the Human rights organizations are prohibited.
  • Press is used to launch vicious and false propaganda against the Sikhs.
  • Hardened criminals are inducted into Sikh movement to help in arresting the Sikh revolutionaries and sabotage the movement. Such criminals are inducted to tarnish the fair name of the Sikh revolutionaries are now called the "Black Cats" in the Punjab. Under SSP Izhar Alam, such criminal gangs were named the "Alam Sena."Besides, such police sponsored bands of criminals also operated under the name ofPanthic Tiger Force and "Red Brigade." The director general of the police himselfadmitted about the "Black Cats" bands. In his interview to the India Today on Sept.15, 188, KPS Gill had announced without an iota of shame that the security forces inPunjab cannot do anything without the help of secret bands (Black Cats).
  • Thousands of innocent pilgrims, children, females, aged people, who got encircled inthe Golden Temple during operation Bluestar were made to die through starvationand thirst. The whole of Punjab was converted into a vast jail by clamping curfew onthe entire area. The army bulletin branded all Amritdhari Sikhs as terrorists.
  • Indian army desecrated the Gurdwaras and committed such atrocities on the Sikhsthat even the soul of Ahmed Shah Abdali might have felt ashamed of.
  • The targets of army guns were none else but religious persons, devotees, pilgrims,ladies, old people, children or some militants whom the indian government deemed as terrorists.
  • No neutral observer was allowed to take stock of the situation. The injured during the attack on the Golden Temple were subjected to extreme partiality. Whereas every assistance and facility was made available to the injuredarmy personnel, there was no such provision for the wounded belonging to the otherside. The number of prisoners taken was rather small. There is ample scope for doubtthat the Indian army had thought it better to eliminate the thousands of peopleseized in the Golden Temple instead of taking them prisoners or having to providethem with medical assistance. No need was felt to perform religious rites for the dead pilgrims and devotees.
  • Before consigning the dead bodies to flames, no effort was made to identify them. No relatives were informed.
  • No dead bodies were handed over to the next of kin. In such a situation only the dead or those wishing to be dead could be present at the last rites.
  • All dead bodies were placed in heaps and then consigned to flames. It was never insured that among the dead there could also be some Muslim devotees. To cremate is against the tenets of Islam.
  • No need was felt to give a list of the dead to the Red Cross or any otherInternational Agency.
  • Despite such atrocities, no commission was appointed to go into this dark episode.Even the Britishers, the foreign rulers, had cared to appoint the Hunter commissionto inquire into the Jallianwalla Massacre which was of a much less magnitude on theother hand. The Indian government, on the other hand, took all steps to hide theexcesses of the army.

Taken from the 1990 letter by Shaheeds Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha to the President of India, R.Venkataraman, from jail.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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