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Killing the Five Evils: Overcoming Lust (Kaam) Part 4

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Ishq-e-Haqeeqi Vs Ishq-e-Mizaajee
As written by Bhai Nandlal jee, the majnoo of Vaheguru does not fall for a worldly beauty like Laila:
Our Guru Sahibaan expects his Sikh to be an Aashiq (premi, lover) not of a worldly beauty but of Vaheguru. In Siri Aasa kee Vaar, Siri Guru jee states:
(What kind aashiqee i.e. love is this, that permits to love someone else, other than your beloved Vaheguru?)
(Guru Angad Sahib writes that the true aashiq is so who stays forever merged in Vaheguru)
Look how high the ideal of love in Sikhi is and how lowly the worldly (ishq-e-mazaajee) love is. Gurmat preaches that we should be such lovers of Vaheguru that we should stay forever in his yaad (sweet rememberence).
Is there anything that the lovers of Vaheguru have not done for their love? The true aashiqs of Vaheguru have sat on red hot pans and had hot sand pour over them. They had their head severed in love for their beloved. They let the aggressors burn them alive in cotton but they did not even once let their love for their beloved one go down. They were cut in half. They were boiled alive. They were made to roll over the killer wheels.
The aashiqs of Vaheguru gave their lives at one signal from their beloved Guru. They had their skulls removed for their beloved. They had their children cut into pieces for their beloved one.
The aashiqs of Vaheguru spent their youths in jails but did not let their love go down. They kept their rehit intact and against all odds obeyed the hukam of their beloved.
This is what aashiqs of Vaheguru did. What did Vaheguru do in return? Vaheguru in return gave them immense bliss of Naam Rass and gave them everlasting spot in Sach Khand.
Now let us look at the lives of worldly aashiqs. They too sacrificed a lot. Kaiz who is popularly known as Majnoo gave up his royal status for Laila, his beloved. He went city to city for her and in the end perished in the deserts of Arabia. What did he get in return from Laila? Nothing substantial.
Ranjha, gave up Takhat Hazaara and for a dozen years worked as a servant for Choochak (father of Heer). He became a diwaana of Heer but what did Heer do in the end? She married someone else and left for her in-laws at Rangpur KheRa. Poor Dheedo (Raanjha) become a jogi.
Sassee perished in the desert for Punoo and Sohni pershised in river chanaa for Mahivaal. What did they get in return?
This way we can give several examples of failure of ishq-e-mizaajee. In the case of Laila Majnoo, what could have been the possible peak of this love? At the most Majnoo would have married Laila. So is this an everlasting relationship? Not according to baani.
On the other hand, Bhai Taaroo Singh jee had his skull removed by the Muslims, out of love for Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee. What did Bhai Taaroo Singh jee get in return? He already had Naam Rass and now he became one with Vaheguru and is now in Sach Khand with Vaheguru.
I don't have any doubts over the intentions of Raanjha and Majnoo. Even Bhai Gurdas jee has praised their spirit and hard work but the reality is that the end result of this love is not that great.
Reading baani we learn that the true aashiqs i.e. the Gursikhs of Guru Nanak Dev jee, succeed in getting good results out of their hard work. The worldly aashiqs too are of two categories - ones who are inspired by kaam (99%) and the ones inspired by love for soul e.g. Ranjha, Majnoo etc. The ones inspired by Kaam surely go to hell and the ones like Ranjha and Majnoo too cannot achieve anything high according to baani, because baani preaches that one gets what one aims for and if these guys Ranjha and Majnoo were to get their love, what would they really gain from that? At the most they may marry their love in the next life and then have children from them. Would it result in everlasting rest? No! It will surely put them back in chauraasee (8.4 million life forms). There will be no way out.
According to baani, only those ones, who become aashiqs of Vaheguru, get any real results for their hard work. Rest waste their time.
In the light of all this, is it not our duty to deliver ourselves by dying on the Amrit Naam of Satguru? Is it not our duty to never miss amritvela and during amritvela japp naam with full concentration?
May Guru Sahib make us his real aashiqs. Gurbani is calling out to us, to take precaution during our youth. During the youth time, there is high probability of making a mistake that can leave a scar on the life of Gursikh for rest of his life. It is not worth it.

By: Bhai Kulbir Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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