Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How to Love Waheguru

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  • Constantly desire to know your beloved Waheguru more fully

Make this your burning passion. Probe too deeply into the personal life of any human and we have to brace ourselves for disappointment. We will inevitably find faults in the person. But we never have to fear discovering a flaw in Waheguru. He is the most wonderful person there is. His character is so beautiful that the more you know him the more you will fall in love with him.

  • Be convinced about Waheguru’s love for you

Above everything else, Waheguru is characterized by love. Even more exciting is the fact that he loves you so very much. The Love Akaal Purakh showers you with every second of every minute of every hour of every day is greater than anything else you have ever experienced. Were you to combine every form of genuine human love, it would only give the vaguest glimpse of the intensity of Waheguru’s love for you.

You may feel deeply hurt because people have let you down, but Waheguru will never disappoint you. Because genuine love is much deeper than mere feelings, you will not always be conscious of an inner feeling that ‘says’ that Waheguru loves you. Our physical senses, intuition and emotions are all highly unreliable when it comes to detecting spiritual reality. Feelings are changeable, but the love of that most beautiful Akaal Purakh is constant.

Your whole relationship with him hinges not on your emotions or your dependability but on the rock-solid honesty of Waheguru. He is the most reliable source of information there is. If he says something, it is true, regardless of temporary and superficial appearances. And even though we may not understand his sweet hukam, and we may question it, we must realise that He loves us so very much, would he ever do anything to hurt us or make us cry. Everything Waheguru gives you in your life is a blessing. Its just people who define what that blessing is. It is all down to individual perceptions.

  • Waheguru is good!

We can’t hope to enjoy the heights of intimacy with someone whose integrity we doubt. So if you have any uncertainties about the goodness and sweetness of Akaal Purakh you should look at these doubts of yours and carefully examine them. Everyone of us has doubts, and in the hour of misery we tend to question our beloved Waheguru.

Its not wrong to question him, it just highlights our lack of faith and love in him. Instead of trying to suppress these doubts, we should try to remove them by getting to know that most beautiful Akaal Purakh better. Waheguru’s knowledge and wisdom are so far beyond us that it would be impossible for us to try to find fault with his most beautiful actions.

To know Waheguru better, talk to him. Hes always there waiting to listen to you. He is always with us, by ourside....and the most amazing thing is that he will always be there. When we were little and crawling around on the floor, he was there, picking us up, teaching us how to walk. When we grew a little older, he was there, to wipe our tears everytime we got hurt. Infact even when we get very old he will be the one who holds out hand, so tightly, and reassures us that everything will be ok. He will always be there, even when we leave this world, he will come with us, and be with us.....whatever fate we await in the next life, this beloved, this sweetest guru sahib will come to protect us.

Maharaj is so merciful that he has told us what awaits us in the next life, however, not only has he told us this, he has also given us all the answers we need to pass this ulitmate test. But its interesting how few of us actually listen, because listening doesnt mean using your ears and hearing some words, or using your eyes and seeing something....true listening, is implementing the answers guru sahib blesses us with into our lifes. Guru Sahibs words are so powerful they pierce stones and make them melt, but have we sunk so low, that even our guru sahibs words cant melt our stonelike hearts??

Imagine the paaps we must have comitted to be in such a state that, we dont seem to believe our guru ji's most beautiful words. It all comes down to a lack of faith. I wonder what would be required to wake us up. Its true when they say, the hardships we have...when the weight of the world, is put on our back, we tend to kneel down, being slowly crushed, but that is when, we dont question maharaj, because when we are in our hour of misery after seeking all doors, and recieving no answer, then we look to the door of the king of kings.

Actually im talking rubbish, there is no such door, guru sahibs house is unlike anyone else's. Guru Sahibs house is not a place enclosed within four walls, having a roof over it, and a floor, and a door or window. Guru Sahibs house, is limitless, there is no need for doors or roofs or walls as anyone is welcome to come. Despite this, we would rather go to otherpeople's house and knock on their doors and beg for help.

  • Trust him

Know that you are in Waheguru's strong, capable hands. Guru Sahib longs to help you, but it’s up to you whether you let him. ‘Leave your worries with him’. Faith is knowing that Guru Ji is working out the perfect solution. It is believing that Waheguru not only can do a certain thing, but that he will do it for you. Trust (or faith) is one of the most crucial things in your ever-growing relationship with Akaal Purakh.

At the moment its the five evils which are holding us back from trusting our beloved Guru Sahib. We are in love with these five evils, and we tend to go to the houses of, 'greed', 'pride', 'lust', 'anger' and 'attachment'. We fall in love with these other houses and doors, but we dont understand, we do not heed the advise of our beloved father and mother, satguru sri guru nanak dev ji maharaj, who tells us that these other houses are poison and will slowly put a noose around our necks.

  • Don’t settle for a half-hearted love affair with Guru Ji

If for sake of Satguru Ji, you would be willing to lose all your possessions, suffer pain, and even die then you have fallen in love with waheguru. Alot of the times, people use the word, 'love', but dont really understand what 'love' is. What we hold dearest sets the ceiling on how far we can go in life. If we let go of lesser things – such as fear, choosing an easy life and slavery to material things – we can soar with Waheguru.

Im sorry ji, I will come and complete this post later.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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