Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Late Examination

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

In 1943 a Sikh of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj whose name I have now forgotten was studying for his end of year university exams. This Sikh used to mediate on the name of Waheguru in the early hours of the morning after completing his nitnem.

One day when he was fully immersed in this mediation he completely forgot about the time and finished his prayers much later that day at 7:00am. After regaining consciousness he realised that his examination, which he had spent months preparing for, was due to start at 7.30am. This Sikh lived about 40 minutes away from his university and had still not got ready. In addition to this before beginning the day this Sikh would go to Sri Nanaksar Sahib Ji to seek the blessings of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and have a glimpse of Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji. Even though he was very late there was no way he would miss going to Sri Nanaksar Sahib Ji that day.

Although in his heart he was really broken about missing his examination when Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji asked him how he was he simply smiled and said that he was in chardeekala. Baba Ji knew that this Sikh was late for his examination and he said, ‘Something is definitely wrong, you don’t seem happy today’. Even though the Sikh denied this time and time again Baba Ji still would insist something was wrong. Finally the Sikh told Baba Ji what had happened.

Baba Ji then said, ‘An ardas done with full faith, devotion and love is one of the strongest weapons a Sikh possesses.’ He then took the Sikh in front of Guru Sahib and humbly begged Guru Ji to help his beloved Sikh in his hour of need. Once the ardas was completed Baba Ji said to the Sikh, ‘That Guru of the world knows what resides in everyone’s heart. He himself will protect you and carry you in his most caring hands. Keep your faith in him my dear son.’ The Sikh left Sri Nanaksar Sahib Ji and proceeded to his examination hall with renewed hope and faith.

When the Sikh arrived at the examination hall he saw all the students still standing outside. When he asked some of his friends what had happened they told him that the examination bell was out of order. When this Sikh looked up at the bell he saw those most caring hands of Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj holding the bell, which stopped it from ringing. A few minutes later the bell began to work and the students went into the examination hall. Needless to say the Sikh passed his exam with flying colours.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Kaur said...

Waheguru...what a beutifull story
thank u bhaji :)

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