Friday, October 19, 2007

The King and his garden

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

There was once a king who was very religious. After his death he wanted to appoint someone who would be very responsible, smart, kind and religious so he created a garden. This garden was so beautiful with all the flowers that a person would just keep looking and never move the whole day. After flowers and trees, came tasty foods, so tasty that person’s stomach would get full but his mind would want more and more. Then, the king had beautiful women dancing who were so beautiful that even holy saints would lose their character. After this he built a palace with gold, silver, diamonds and everything. This palace was so huge that a person would get lost in it. Beautiful paintings were placed on the walls and carpets on the floor, things which a person would never have seen in his life. After building all this, the King made an announcement that anyone who finds him in the garden would be the next king. Many smart people and holy sadhus came to find the king.

In the morning, everyone entered the garden. Some people just stopped looking at the flowers, some were stopped by tasty food, some by beautiful women. A few holy sadhus made it to the palace. There they searched and searched but failed they found nothing. One sadhu who was smarter than others came outside the palace and thought for a minute. He remembered that the king said he would be anywhere in the garden. So he started looking around. He found a big heap full of dirt, and garbage. He then went there and demolished it. Underneath this sadhu found a door which he opened. When he did this he saw some stairs which he began to walk downwards on. At the bottom of the stairs he found the king meditating. Seeing the sadhu the king became very happy. The King got up and gave everything to the sadhu just as he had promised.

Now, how is this related to Sikhi? Well, this world is full of idiots, smart and holy people. All get on the path to find the king (Waheguru).

Some stop just by entering which means waste their lives by believing that this body is everything and after this there is nothing.

Some say “Eh Jagg Mitta Agla Kis Dittha” and fail.

Some see some “mandals” or worlds in the body waste their time by enjoying it.
Some try little harder and get some ridhi sidhi and busy themselves in these fake powers so this ridhi sidhi becomes those dancing women.

Some try harder and get to the palace covered with diamonds and gold. This is the “dasam duar”. Many stop here and think “this is it”. They get busy with “anhad shabad” and sounds and stop looking for the “King”.

Some Guru De Pyare are not satisfied with all this. They keep looking. They know from Gurbani that the “King” has to be here somewhere. They look around and find a big heap of “haumai”. They demolish it and Waheguru the king appears meditating. Both meet and become one. Those Gursikhs become one with Waheguru or become the King.

“Sooraj Kiran Milay Jal Ka Jal Hooaa Raam”
“Joti Jot Ralee Sampuran Theea Raam”

Bolo Waheguru.

Story taken from “Gurmukh Darshan” Jeevani of Sant Gyani Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

Translated by Bhai Bijla Singh Ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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