Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baba Ji in 2001

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Apologies for being away for so long.

Before posting anything else I’d like to catch up on all the subjects people have asked me to post on, starting with the jeevan of Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji and other Nanaksar Sants followed by some stories of the Sevadaars of Bhai Mani Singh Ji’s Taksaal.

I know I’ve promised to post jeevanis of our beloved sisters and mothers who drank the sweet nectar of martyrdom to honour the oath made by the Khalsa Panth in 1986. Many of these jeevanis are now ready and will be published shortly.


Bhai Satnam Singh Ji was a devoted Gursikh who had a lot of love for Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji. Bhai Sahib owned the Quality hotel, which is situated at Pahar Ganj in Dehli.

There were a number of different rooms in Bhai Sahib’s hotel, which spanned several floors. On the top floor Bhai Sahib used to keep spare bed sheets and pillowcases. In January 2001 some how a fire broke out which threatened to burn the entire hotel to the ground. A service man who was performing his usual duties in one of the rooms on the top floor noticed smoke seeping through the corridor. He immediately left what he was doing to find the source of the smoke. As the serviceman walked along the corridor he could feel the temperature increasing as flames began to spread along the walls. The serviceman began to fear for his life and immediately began to run towards the stairs to alert Bhai Satnam Singh Ji. As he did this he caught a glimpse of an old pious looking man who was wielding a large stick. According to the service man wherever the stick would go the fire began to dance in that direction.

As the serviceman began to run towards Bhai Satnam Singh Ji’s house he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him; it simply was not possible for any man to stand inside a ring of fire and make it move wherever he pleased. After a few minutes lost in thought the service man reached Bhai Sahib’s house. When he entered the house he quickly met Bhai Satnam Singh Ji and informed him of what was happening at the hotel. As he was conveying this message the serviceman noticed a portrait of the same old man he had seen a few minutes earlier. In a soft voice the service man asked Bhai Sahib whose picture that was. Bhai Sahib smiled and said, ‘it is Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji’.
When Bhai Sahib and the service man reached the hotel the fire had been completely extinguished by Baba Ji.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Singh U & R Kaur said...

Guru Fateh

Khalsa Jee, Believe all Chardikala

Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji
During the last weekend Baba Lakha Jee was here in town from Nanaksar. We all was bless with Baba Jee Katha

Keep up the Sewa Khalsa Jee.

harnek said...

Great Saint Baba Nand Singh Maharaj

Anonymous said...

at khalsa camp 2006 some really weird stuff was said abt baba jee. actually quite insulting stuff. it's a shame that ppl do gr8 seva then ruin it all by making silly comments abt the life of a gr8 sadhu.

plz post more abt baba jee and his teacher baba harnam singh jee. thanks