Thursday, July 13, 2006

For those who call themselves Sikhs

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
For those who call themselves Sikhs
A. Are you the Sikhs of that Plume-adorned Divine Master (Kalgidhar Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji), who sacrificed everything for the sake of your seeds’ continuity and prosperity?
B. Are you the descendants of those Great Shaheeds who, for the sake of Sikhi, were sawed and scalped alive, dismembered alive, broken on the wheels, boiled alive, hung their heads at spears, fighting tyranny underwent unbearable and unspeakable sufferings, but didn’t leave the faith, kept the Complete Divine Image intact (ie kept the Divine Hair) and didn’t let Sikhi get any spot of dirt?

C. Are you the sons/daughters of those brave warriors mothers, who let their innocent children get cut into pieces and taken into their laps, and their bodyparts adorned with flowers, and put 1,25 maunds of powder (bombs?) in the black houses of the tyrants, and fought side-by-side with their mighty warrior brothers, and kept their wifely duties and duties towards Sikhi with Keshan-Suasan [being steadfast with both Body-Hair and Soul-Breath]?
D. Are you the you the brothers and sisters of the Adutti-Bhuchangian [ie Amazing ’Small’ Beloved Warriors] like Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh, who remained steadfast till their last breath, didn’t leave their faith, didn’t kill their hair and didn’t become non-religious, and didn’t bring shame upon the Sikhi BaNaa-Dress, as willingly accepted to be stacked alive in walls?

If you call yourself the Sikh of Guru Nanak-Guru Gobind Singh Ji, then:
1. Why are you letting your Guru’s Name down?
2. Why are you being disrespectful to your hair?
3. Why are you destroying your Complete Divine Image (Sabat Surat)?
4. Why are you indulging in sins?
5. Why are you turning your face away from Sikhi?
6. Why are you becoming a fallen (Patit)?
7. Why are you forgetting Sikh Code (Rehat)?
8. Why leaving Naam-Rass, the pleasure of Name, in the favor of the pleasure of drugs?
9. Why are you indulging in sexual wastes/sexual habits?
10. Why are you leaving the path of Gurmat, and turning towards path of human mind (manmukhta)?
11. Why are you indulging in petty acts and thereby ’making your turban dirty’ (ie loosing your respect)?
12. Why are you indulging in manmats?
13. Why are you loosing your uniqueness (Vilankhanta)?
14. Why don’t you recognize your real self?
15. Why have the children of lions forgotten their uniqueness and engaged with sheep? They have started saying ’main main’ (the sound made by sheep)?

Oh Sikhs of the Guru! Be Cautious and Keep intact your Identity, Become Guru-Valeh (GurSikhs). Bring Such a Reform so that all your generations have bliss. Lost Time will not come back!

Servants of Guru-Panth,

Babbar Khalsa International

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Anonymous said...

Wahe Guruji Ka khalsa

The Gupt Fauj Of Guru Gobind Singh Stands.

Singhstah said...

vahegurrrooooooo vaheguroooo vahegurooooo

SikhsRus said...

These are good questions and very valid. I think Sikhi is coming back and is becoming more and more attractive, not only to Punjabis but even more to outsiders. I believe Sikh men, women and children are stronger, smarter, well informed than ever before and it will even become better in next hundred years. I believe not only this decade, but this century and even this millinium belongs to Sikhs. Faith bhai sahib, just have faith. We just have to show the goodness in Sikhi to outsiders, not just sacrifices made but the beauty of seva, simran, sant-sipahi, honest living, chardi kala spirit. I think biggest thing lacking is focus on the positivity in Sikh panth. We tend to focus on the dark side or focus on the half empty glass than the divine light or the half full side. Thank you for sharing the thoughts!