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Killing the Five Evils: Overcoming Attachment (Moh)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

sloku ]

kwm k®oD Aru loB moh ibnis jwie AhMmyv ]
kaam krodhh ar lobh moh binas jaae aha(n)maev
Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment - may these be gone, and egotism as well.

nwnk pRB srxwgqI kir pRswdu gurdyv ]1]
naanak prabh saranaagathee kar prasaadh guradhaev 1
Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God; please bless me with Your Grace, O Divine Guru. 1

A Sikh once came into the darbar of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj asked this question, "O True Emperor, holy men have risen above worldly attachment. By what thought are they aided? Attachment is a very chronic ailment of mankind. By what method have they risen above this? Please, be kind and explain it to us."

"I will tell you the way the saints have conquered attachment to the world. They regard the material possessions as a dream. Just as what you see in a dream, does not exist when you wake up, in the same way saints have woken up to the real knowledge (gyan). All objects of the world appear to be transient to them," explained Maharaj.

Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji then began to tell a story, "There was a saint, who had attained a high spiritual stage. Living in the midst of the world, he remained above its pleasures and sorrows. Someone came and informed him that his son had died. The saint did not express any grief at the news. The people talked about the son thus, 'Sant ji, your son was very handsome and young. He was also very learned. At his death all others expressed their shock. But you have not mourned his death. What considerations have influenced your mind?'

"During the night I saw a dream in which I was a king. I married and got a son. But when I woke up, there was neither kingdom, nor wife and son. On waking from this dream, I heard the news that my son of the world of consciousness had died. Then I went to my Gurdev and told him of my miserable plight. 'Swami ji,' I said, 'not only has my dream world disappeared, but my real son also is no more. What should I do now? I am overwhelmed with grief.'

"Give up mourning over both, for the whole universe is an illusion, the dream world and the conscious world. What is an illusion, does not deserve mourning over. Illusion means that in fact nothing was created, or exists. Uncreated objects enter our vision, in dreams or in the conscious world. Therefore, stop mourning over both,' explained my Gumdev to me, and the reality clearly dawned in my mind. For this reason, I am not affected by sorrows or pleasures of the world.' This is the way saints have risen above worldly attachments," concluded the Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, the king of kings and the saint of saints.

sloku ]

kwm k®oD Aru loB moh ibnis jwie AhMmyv ]
kaam krodhh ar lobh moh binas jaae aha(n)maev
Sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment - may these be gone, and egotism as well.

nwnk pRB srxwgqI kir pRswdu gurdyv ]1]
naanak prabh saranaagathee kar prasaadh guradhaev 1
Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God; please bless me with Your Grace, O Divine Guru. 1

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Jujhar Singh Khalsa said...

ik oankar satnaam kartapurakh gurprasad||

By The Grace Of My Gur Satgur :


First I killed my parents

Then my wife and kids,

I poured petrol all over

my designer clothes

my luxury sofas

my computer

my CD & DVD collections

my decades of dusty photo albums

my library of religious books

religious clothes and symbols.

I struck the match

flicked it over and walked away.

At the bank I emptied all my accounts

into my favourite suitcase.

Returning to the crime scene

I pushed the suitcase through the burning window.

The fire was magnificent

And I basked in its glory.

I picked up an axe lying by the fence

And hacked off my feet, my knees, my legs.

Joint by joint I tossed them through the window

I performed my own cremation

In my meditation.

My mind was freed of my attachments

And all that remained was Pure Supreme Light

The seed of my existance

my true identity


There’s a story off Bhagat Kabir Ji when he returned to find his house on
fire. While his friends threw buckets of water , Kabir Ji threw more of his
belongings on to it saying "Lord take these things as well!"

We are born naked and leave naked. Yet in between we accumulate wealth,
family ,belongings, a good name, religious pride and pride of our body and
looks. In themselves they are just things - neither good or bad. But the
attachments we have to them in our mind have to be destroyed – each single
thing we have accumalated an attachment to has to be burnt in the fire of

The Truth will be revealed when the mind is freed. In the words of Dhan
Dhan Guru Amar Das Ji :

"Eh Man thoo jyot saroop ha Apana mool paachaan"

O My Mind your essence is Pure Supreme Light

Recognise your source.

What is the aim of a spiritual seeker - a Sikh? Is it to see the Light?
Is it to go to heaven or paradise? Is it to see God and go to Sach Khand?
The aim of a seeker on this path is to have no aims! No desires - not
even desire for heaven or spiritual experiences. Guru Nanak Ji says
"Conquor The Mind" - Man Jeetay. So take on the mind and defeat it.
What is the mind? If a surgeon cut you open could he find it? Its not the
brain. So what is it? The mind is the sum of all your desires. If you
have no more desires you will have conquored the Mind. The mind spends
most of its thinking of the future or dwelling in the past. It spends
hardly any time in the current moment.

For example, my friend was riding his bike to work along a busy road. A
rat raced out a little way infront of him. The rat tried to get over to
the other side and a car came hurtling past, so he stopped and started
running back from where he came. Then another car came hurtling past in
the opposite direction. So the poor rat stopped and turned and ran the
other way. By the time my friend got that stretch of road all that was
left of the rat was a big fleshy mess. He saw it explode as it was run

The mind is like that rat. It runs forward in time and the future hopes
and desires zoom past it. Then at other times it runs back into the past
memories and sorrows. Most people spend their whole life with their mind
running like that rat. They are in the rat race. Final result ---
stress, depression, burn out, no happiness, uncontented, unfullfilled
hopes, bitterness, negativity and so on.

Conquoring the Mind "Man Jeetay" means stilling the mind. If the rat had
stoped racing backwoards and forwards in panic. IF it had just stood still
it would have been ok. Meditation is stilling the mind. How? This is
the three step plan - this is Sikhism in a nutshell - this is the teaching
of the Guru :

1) Give up all thoughts of past and future, by gviing up all your desires
and hopes and fears. Guru Nanak ji says "I have no hopes of living and no
fear of dying.". When you do ardas - NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR

2) Practise Nothingness living. Meaning burn your attachments in the
fire. Live for others. Stop living for yourself, your adbvancement, your
big house and your big bank balance and your pride. Start living for
others. Cook for others, serve others first then eat. Bhai Gurdas Ji says
that the Gurmukh is the one who feeds others then eats. Apply that
philosophy to everything. Give the best things to others and take
whatevers left over for yourself. This kills the ego.

3) And most importantly mediate on Naam. By focusing on one word - the
NAAM blessed by God (Guuprasadi Naam) , bring your mind to stillness in the
middle of your forehead and feel love in your heart.

And if you wonder how you will survive, then it means you still dont
believe in the power of NAAM , having bowed to SGGS countless times, you
still dont believe what SGGS is telling you. That NAAM is everything, is
the highest thing, is the thing to sacrifice your mind body and soul to.
And once you get Naam then what wont come to you? Once God is Yours and
you are Gods, then what isn't in God's house?


dust of your feet

The above post is from naam net and is truly amazing